About Us

Whyalla Funeral Services commenced providing funeral service to the Whyalla community and surrounding districts in 1984

Since then we have offered a dedicated and professional funeral service catering for all cultures and diversities for families we serve.

Our team of funeral professionals are renowned for their caring and personal commitment to each and every one of our families and provide excellence in service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where we began

In 1984, Peter and Glad Butterfield commenced Whyalla Funeral Services. They operated their own crash repair and towing service in Adelaide. After having left the crash repair industry, prior to arriving in Whyalla, Peter and Glad were branch managers for Adelaide’s largest independent family funeral company, Alfred James Funeral Homes, for several years.

The ‘Tree Change’

Wanting a tree change (before they were popular), Peter and Glad moved to Whyalla to manage Blackwell Funeral’s Whyalla Office.
Relishing the easygoing nature of the Whyalla community, Peter and Glad decided to branch out on their own.

In 1985, son Gary joined the business and worked with them until Glad and Peter passed away in 2011 and 2014 respectively.
Gary’s wife Lois joined the business in the late 80’s and is an integral part of the business nowadays.

The Present

Today we are a team of five;
Gary, Lois, Bronwyn, Irene & Sarah.