Pre-Paid funerals

A funeral affects family and loved ones both emotionally and financially.

Along with making a Will, planning for your funeral service does not make any of us feel comfortable. However, pre-planning and pre-paying your funeral service is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your family.

It can relieve many emotional and financial burdens that may be associated with your funeral service at the time you have passed away.

At Whyalla Funeral Services, we offer a prepaid funeral contract.

The Prepaid contract is designed to securely and independently hold your prepaid payments until such time as the funeral service is required.

Any money that is paid towards a prepaid funeral contract is held independently of the funeral director by Funeral Plan Management.

The payment of benefits will be made only when Funeral Plan Management receives satisfactory evidence that the funeral service under your contract has been completed.
Everyone over the age of 16 years is eligible to take out a prepaid funeral contract.

There are no health restrictions for eligibility.
Prepaid funeral contracts can be made in single or joint names. If a contract is made in joint names it is only able to be used for one person. To ensure both applicants are covered it its recommended that individual contracts are taken out.

We offer flexible payment options

You can pay each contract as lump sum payment or by direct debit instalment payments.

Instalment payments can be made with an initial contribution of $500.00 or if by instalment plan of $100.00 initial contribution.

A minimum of $50.00 per month is required for the instalment plan.
TRAVEL PROTECTION PLAN can be added to your prepaid funeral contract. A one off premium payment of $175 per individual contract and $125 for additional applicants is payable for the travel protection.

To be eligible you must reside within 70kms of your nominated funeral director at the time of applying and you are not hospitalised more than 70kms from your nominated funeral director at that time.

For more details please contact us.