Why have a funeral service?

Through the ages, many cultures and civilisations have prepared rituals and ceremonies at the end of life.

But it was the ancient Egyptians that held ceremonies for the dead that modern funeral service would find its origins in.

Today, funerals can be the traditional religious service in a church, synagogue or mosque, or a celebration of life by gathering friends and family to share memories and support each other.

Many pieces put together help families create an appropriate and meaningful funeral service honouring and remembering a special life.


These might include:

  • A viewing
  • Selections of music
  • Readings
  • Religious verse, poems or meaningful words of comfort
  • Eulogy / lifestory or sharing memories
  • Symbols & memorabilia
  • Actions
  • Gathering

Share & remember

A funeral service is the opportunity for our family and friends to come together, to share and remember and to show that life is important and our lives are important too.

Grief is the price we pay for love and people need the time to mourn and share their feelings. The funeral is one way we do this. It allows us to commence the healing process of losing someone we love. It is not a fuss, it’s the chance to say goodbye to a meaningful life with dignity and purpose.